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Korean Maritime Repair Service

 We provide Quality Ship Repair Services with punctual completion and stream-like corresponding at competitive prices.

For last decade, since our firm has been established in 1990, we had concentrated into the repairing foreign flag vessels only, with following strengths.

-Abundant experiences in ship repair circle from 1981.
-Nationwide network with ship yard and other relative companies.
-Work doing round the clock and round the country.
-Close relationship with worldwide ship owners/managers/operators.

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General Repair 
1.Steel Work   
- Shell, internals, deck, crane jib, hatch cover and 
piping work 
2.Reconditioning Work 
- Exhaust valve spindle/seat, piston crown, cylinder cover, cylinder liner 
3.Machinery Work
- Machinery equipments in engine room and on deck.
Refrigerating system
4.Electric Work
- Motor, generator, auto control system, crane/winch control, 
A.V.R & auto synchronizing 
5.Electronic Work
- Navigation equipments, GMDSS radio equipment
- Change of ship's name and funnel mark
- Replacement of anchor or anchor chain
- metal locking / apply plastic metal
- wooden work in accommodation
- Forwarding repaired machinery equipments 
- load test
- Ultrasonic and magnetic test
4.Heat Exchanger
5.Deck Machineries
Underwater Work
1.Underwater Cleaning
2.Underwater Survey
3.CCTV Inspection
4.Propeller Polishing
5.Other Underwater Works
1.Life Raft
2.Life Boat
3.Fire Fighting System
Supply Service
Machinery Spare Parts