Leaders Since 1919

The Company

The Moundreas’ name appeared in Greek Shipping in 1919. Since then, it is continuously present as a leading name in the various fields of Shipping Services,continuously contributing to the promotion of Piraeus as a ShippingCenter of Worldwide magnitude. The company’s presence became even moreintense after World War II and following the development of GreekShipping in the recent years, it is now considered one of the leadersin Shipping.

The successful presence of the Moundreas name led to the establishment of GEORGE MOUNDREAS & COMPANY S.A. with its current form, in 1974. Since then, the company has risen to become one of the major players in the Shipping Services Market.
Underthe wise advice of his late father Sotiris M. Moundreas (+1987) alegendary name in Greek Shipping history, George S. Moundreas, thecurrent President and CEO, has led the company’s highly competent &efficient staff to continuous business success for the past 25 years.

Successful business moves such as the establishment of intense business relations with the ex-Soviet Union and East European countries, the admission of the Japanese Shipping Market into the Piraeus Shipping Community and the “conquest” of the Chinese Shipbuilding & Ship repair Industry, have been milestones in the evolution of the Piraeus Shipping Industry.

The1990’s led to the transformation of the company into a fullycomputerized “working machine”, tremendously upgrading its capacity andbusiness efficiency while achieving substantial operating savings.