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International Relations

Public relations is at the heart of shipbroking. Moreover, in view of the global nature of shipping, to be successful a broker must be cosmopolitan in character, able to maintain good relations with a variety of companies and individuals, spread across the international stage.

This is in addition to the good name a shipbroking company must have built for itself over years of operation. Thanks to our bright history and our special care in selecting our staff, our company is highly regarded throughout shipping in these respects. We are aware that perfection is never achievable, so our culture is to remain vigilant and to work hard. We also strive to have a consistent presence in key parts of the world where maritime business is being regularly transacted.

Historically, our strongest ties have been forged in areas of utmost importance for shipping - including the Far East (Korea, China, Japan, Taiwan), the former socialist European countries (Russia, Poland, Romania, Ukraine, Bulgaria), key southern Europe and Balkan markets such as Croatia, Spain and Turkey, and - of course - the traditional centres of world shipping: the United Kingdom, Europe, Scandinavia and the United States.