Sale & Purchase
of Vessels

Over the last decade, the sale and purchase (S&P) of second-hand vessels has risen significantly. Tankers, bulk carriers and container ships have seen particularly strong interest, with several hundred being bought and sold during this period. Yet selling and buying requires experience and trust from your shipbrokers, both of which we offer at George Moundreas & Co.

Through our strong network of shipbrokers and maritime partners, we are very proud to have contributed significantly to the renewal of the Greek shipping fleet. Indeed, George Moundreas & Co. has successfully concluded hundreds of deals in the Sale & Purchase (S&P) of second-hand vessels.

Our experienced sales team rapidly responds to clients’ inquiries, helping identify the type and size of the requested vessel, particularly when it comes to tankers, bulk carriers and container ships. In addition to procuring ships, we locate buyers for used vessels and help upgrade fleets in record time. Importantly, we also possess expertise in dismantling old vessels and managing end-of-life ships in line with environmental codes and EU regulations.